Sony patent smartphone with a double-sided transparent display

Sony patent smartphone with a double-sided transparent display
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Sony Corporation has been providing consumer electronics, entertainment, gaming, and more since so many years. Previously the Sony smartphones come under the name of Sony Ericsson which was brought in early 2012. Now the Sony smartphones come under the name of Sony Xperia. This Japanese company manufactures and developing so many unique smartphones and features like 4K HDR display, Super Slow Motion etc. from a long time.

As we mentioned above, Sony was the first smartphone manufacturer to launch a 4K HDR display phone. The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium was launched in 2015, Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium in 2018. Now the company wants to become the first transparent display smartphone manufacturer. 

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Sony Double-Sided Transparent Display Smartphone

Sony Corporation recently filed a patent to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) in May this year. The patent was published on November 22nd this year which was approved by Japan and the USA earlier. The patent describes a unique smartphone with a double-sided display on both sides. The first display will be packed with light-emitting elements and another one will have light controls.

Sony patent smartphone with a double-sided transparent display
Credit: LetsGoDigital

The double-sided display does have self-illuminating pixels that are that will be arranged two-dimensionally in a matrix setup. Each of the pixels includes an individual light control element that manages the transmission and reflection of the incoming light. The light emitting elements radiates light to both front and back sides of the display. The amount of light emission and the amount of light variation cause the optical transparency of each pixel changes. This delivers content as a double-sided transparent display.

The company patented a transparent display smartphone that has a light and gravity sensor in position. This can also be accelerometer and gyroscope sensor as well. In this situation, the front display does have physical keys at the bottom area which can also be used as touch keys.

The patent description shows six different display options. The three for front side and three for the back side. From the transparent to semi-transparent to non-transparent, users can select the preferred display option. The switching between display modes can also save battery power.

Sony patent smartphone with a double-sided transparent display
Credit: LetsGoDigital

Transparent Sony Foldable Smartphone

The patent can be useful for all foldable display smartphones. Two displays have to be placed opposite each other to make a transparent screen. The patent describes the four screens for a single Sony double-sided transparent display smartphone.

However, the display contents may vary from screens to screens. That means the transparent content can be displayed on the left-side screen while the non-transparent content can be displayed on the right-side screen.

Sony patent smartphone with a double-sided transparent display
Credit: LetsGoDigital

The camera whole can be placed on the right side of the front display while the rear camera can be placed on the left side of the second display. The patent has been applied for from various countries and has been included in WIPO’s world database.

This type of screen can be developed in near future by Sony or any other brand. The transparent displays have high energy consumption ratio. However, we have to wait for this type of innovation. Some of the well-known manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, and LG have been working in foldable displays for some time. Samsung Transparent TV could be introduced at CES 2019 and LG also surfaced ‚ÄúLG toont 7-inch¬†flexible OLED display‚ÄĚ in last year.

You can find the patent file Sony Corporation.


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