Do You Need Training To Play Cube Solitaire

One of the most deceivingly simple and popular card games is Cube Solitaire. It was initially a part of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection of card games introduced to trick people into learning how to use computers. Currently, such games can be played for entertainment purposes and even earning for money by using the brain. But Do You Need Training to actually Play Cube Solitaire?

Well, Cube Solitaire is a mentally stimulating game no matter whether you’re playing single or with your friends. It’s because there are strict rules that players have to follow before and while playing the game to maintain standards for all enthusiasts.

The cards cannot be arranged randomly by the players which is a plus point. Players can only move the face-forward cards and the deck has to be arranged descendingly. The cards must be placed in alternating colors but they must belong to the same suit.

When there’s an empty column, players can only put a King card, and the decision to place a black or red King card will dictate the color order for that pile.

Is it necessary to have the proper training to play Cube Solitaire?

Not necessarily! You don’t need the training to master this card game at all. However, if you want to get aware of all the terms & conditions as well as the rules to play free Cube Solitaire games, you can do so.

The free-of-cost practice games will teach you the game rules and help you to understand the game’s nuances.

These games are designed similarly to cash contests, but you won’t get any rewards when you beat your opponent. The game isn’t the most difficult to master. Newbies can learn the rule and quickly start playing it. So, there’s no need to get trained.

But a bit of practice is required so you can sharpen your skills and learn the art of studying the cards at hand to plan your moves. Every move during the game must be calculated. If you make one wrong move, your game might get over quickly.

The game’s objective is to score higher than your opponent, and for that, you have to survive the full five minutes of the match. Each match session is timed, and you have to beat your opponent before the timer runs out.

If you’ve understood the game’s basic rules, you can install the game on your device and start playing. You can keep scrolling to know the different tactics players use to improve their winning chances.

Recommended Strategies to Win Card Games

You can use these strategies to beat your opponent. So, here goes.

  • Don’t empty a pile if you don’t have a King card at hand – It is not a great idea to have an empty stack if there’s no King card at hand. Without this card, the empty pile will remain as is until you find a King card. The vacant pile will be blocked off from the game, and you cannot use it. It will be a huge loss because you cannot use that space.
  • Choosing the color of the King card is a critical decision – When you are deciding whether to keep a black or red King card, you have to study the game board carefully. Check the cards you have at hand and their color. The cards must be arranged in alternating color, and therefore, the color of the King card will dictate the color order for that specific pile, and you cannot change it during the game. If you make the mistake of placing the card randomly, you will find yourself stuck and unable to move forward.
  • The larger stacks need to be solved first – You need more face-forward cards to have potential moves to execute. One of the best ways to increase your moves is by attacking the larger stacks in the game. As you thin these stacks, you reveal the hidden cards, and they can be used during the game to build piles.
  • The answer is not to build Ace stacks – If you move the cards to the upper Ace stacks or foundation, you are creating issues for yourself during the game. After building the Ace stack, it is impossible to work the cards in the piles below. Furthermore, 5-minutes is not enough to try to recover those cards. You might end up losing the game.
  • The first deck card must be uncovered in the game – As you start to play it, it will be wise to click on the first deck card and disclose it. When you reveal what is hidden, you increase your move options. So, you have more exposed cards that you can play within the game.

There are different ways to score points in the game other than the apparent action of arranging the cards descendingly and transferring the pile to the foundation deck. You must be aware of these different actions to score higher than your opponent.

Some of the actions that will fetch you points are forming the correct settings in the foundation pile, uncovering face-down cards, moving cards to the foundation pile, playing cards from the stockpile, etc.

Also, when the deck is not solvable, it would be best to tap the submit button and end the game early. You will get a timer bonus. Once you have played a few practice games and tried the strategies mentioned above, it will be time for you to move on to the big leagues.


Participate in cash tournaments if your state permits it and stand a chance to win lucrative cash rewards and prizes. The thrill of beating opponents of varying skills and experiences combined with a cash prize is something you cannot keep yourself away from.

There are plenty of blockchain games available these days but if you’re not aware of the processes or cryptocurrency that well, solitaire card games are quite straightforward & interesting.

So, you should download and install Cube Solitaire to join the fun with others. Remember to turn off all distractions like phone notifications and alerts before jumping into the gameplay to gather concentration.

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