The Best-Selling Steam Games of 2018 list released by Valve Corporation

Just like the previous year, Valve Corporation released the list of popular and best-selling Steam Games of 2018. For those who don’t know, Steam is a Digital Distribution Platform developed by Valve for buying and playing online games. It also provides video streaming, matchmaking servers, digital rights management, and social networking services. Steam provides games for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone platforms. It’s purely based on Java, C++, Objective-C programming languages.

Best-Selling Steam Games of 2018

Steam has a wide-range of popularity with PC gamers. So the list of best-selling Steam games of 2018 gives a better idea about the popularity of games and purchases in this year. According to the top games arrangement, the company has listed three versions. Such as “top sellers”, “top-selling VR games”, and “most simultaneous players”.

Valve Corporation provides different categories based on sold units of the year such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. So, here are the lists of all top games in 2018:

Platinum Category Games:

The very best-selling Steam Games comes in the Platinum category list. Some of the games we already know and some of them are very new in the market.

Gold Category Games:

The Gold category games are also considered as top-selling Steam games in 2018. Such as:

Silver Category Games:

The Silver category games include some of the popular and well-known games. But these three games are top of them. Such as:

Bronze Category Games:

Last but not the least, Bronze category games are also not that bad in terms of popularity or buyers. However, these games come in top out of numerous games.

Top-Selling VR Games of 2018

On the other side, the top-selling VR games of 2018 included in the list of Steam games. Here are the following games:

Best-Selling Newly Released Games in 2018

The best-selling newly released games in 2018 also include so many games mentioned above. But some of them are noticeable among others like –

Top-Early Access Games of 2018

Steam also included the list of top-early access games of 2018 like –

Top Sellers Games in 2018

The top sellers’ games in 2018 list included some of the Gold Category games.

Most Simultaneous Players Games

The last one is the most simultaneous players Steam games of 2018 version. There is no surprise that the following games are the most simultaneous players’ games list with more than 1,00,000 simultaneous players. Here is the top list of some of the others:

You can check out all the lists from Steam Page here. The Steam Winter 2018 Sale is also going on with discounted prices.

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