Area 51 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Steps to Find it

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the best simulator game for it simulates the world. A new flight simulator by Microsoft is known for realism, real-world flight times, and realistic maps. The game uses Bing Maps, to recreate almost the same copy of earth with realistic surroundings. Here we’ve shared how you can find Area 51 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Most importantly, the real-world map has been used to create the in-game world. Therefore players can visit every corner of the planet and then can also locate some of the suspicious or even controversial places in this world that they can’t visit in real life most probably. Area 51 is among those locations where every alien or UFO enthusiast wants to visit or know more about it.

What is Area 51?

Area 51 has a long history that it is a resident of Aliens, UFOs, and other suspicious activity of outer space. However, there is no proof of such activities. Basically, Area 51 is a secretly military base in Nevada for the army for training facilities and secret missions.

Also, there is an Airport for military accommodation. A large open desert covers the Area 51 location. However, no one can visit the place because airspace is restricted to fly. No civilian can visit Area 51 except the military personnel. You will only see military aircraft flying in the sky.

Area 51 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

As you can visit everywhere on the planet on Flight simulator 2020, you also can head into Area 51. Unluckily, there is no alien present in the simulator. In fact, nothing is interesting to see out there.

You will only see buildings, vehicles, planes, and a huge wide desert. Sad news for alien enthusiasts around the world!

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If you still want to visit the place in the simulator, follow the steps below:

  • It is notable that players have the curiosity to land on Area 51. So, if you wish to enter Area 51 then take the flight to Nevada first.
  • You can search for Homey Airport (KXTA) in a simulator map to reach Areas 51.
  • You can land an airplane anywhere as the airport is very huge. Take off from KLAS in Las Vegas and head north-northwest to more than 83 miles to reach Area 51.
  • There is nothing to see from such a top atmosphere level but you can check out a huge salt flat – Groom Lake.

So this is everything about Area 51 in Microsoft Flight Simulator. That’s one of the fun parts I guess. In my opinion, players should try off to track their real-life homes, city, and locality in flight simulators apart from visiting secret places like Area 51.

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